Facebook is Turning into a Dating Platform

8 min readJan 17, 2022

Here’s how you can guard your heart and keep it from breaking

Photo by Teja Klinar on Pexels

While scrolling on my Facebook homepage today, I saw wedding photos.

A caption that says saying hi works caught my attention.

Yeah, I don’t have any arguments there. So they say, it started with one hello.

I guess Facebook is getting romantic too.

So I painstakingly read the story behind the success of the relationship and found out this newlywed couple has met through Facebook and that‘s the only positive thing I could share before I turn your fantasy into a real nightmare.

The other day, my boyfriend told me Facebook has a dating option already. I thought I scoffed over that.

Facebook doesn’t need a dating option — it is already used for dating for Pete’s sake!

If that’s the case, I don’t really care if it has a dating function already because I don’t need it and I voiced that out to my boyfriend (well, of course, after berating him about him finding out the dating thing on Facebook.)

Letting someone find love on Facebook and end up with him on the altar is one of the best things Facebook should brag about.

Other than that, they should work more to avoid users leaving the platform.

And if you’re still using Facebook as I do, then you should know how other people use this platform other than messaging family members and friends, and how Facebook will break your heart if you don’t guard it enough (more on that later).

Why you should be careful in using Facebook?

- People just randomly say hi

‘‘Hi’’ seems so innocent. But what follows after that may turn into something irrevocable.

There‘s no harm (if you have no other intention) in answering messages, after all, you‘re just being polite.

But hi sometimes follows with ‘‘how are you’’, then all those covert flirtatious messages.

We often say we don‘t fall in love in appearances alone, character matters.




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