While They Earn 5-Digit Income From Blogging

I got this instead and maybe you too

5 min readAug 31, 2021


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Disclaimer: You may find affiliate links throughout the content. I’ll get a small commission when you purchase through my links (at no extra cost to you, of course), which I can use to spoil my small black German Spitz dog. :)

I am sorry if I have to add the last part -maybe you too.

Hear me out before you think this is another clickbait that only frustrates you while reading the article.

While bloggers and writers publish their monthly earning through their platform, they think they are ready to create an online course — to share their not-so-oh-secret of achieving a 5-digit lifestyle with only a laptop.

But with their courses, you don’t have a guarantee you can be successful like them. You’re buying their courses for their experiences, and that doesn’t mean you’re also buying the result using their tips.

I love blogging not because of the lifestyle blog gurus promise online.

I just love writing, and there’s no need to elaborate this on a platform filled with writers.

I started blogging 3 years ago with just a purpose of writing and having my domain; I mean, a virtual place where I could share things my introverted mind rarely shares in person unless I trust you.

So while checking on my blog stats today, I thought of this platform where I received an email stating and congratulating me for my first affiliate sale.

I was happy that time — not because of the amount (believe me, it’s not even a 2-digit sale), but it was because it has proved something.

Affiliate marketing really works. I mean, even without buying those 3-digit or 4-digit courses to learn affiliate marketing and how you can incorporate it into your blog and content.

Your mistakes, failures and the times you tried something to work are your teachers.

I am not saying this to debunk online courses creators — far from it. I have actually several courses that I have to read and listen to yet, but because of my schedule, juggling between freelancing, working and feeding my German Spitz dog, I can’t seem to find a time to do it.




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